One Night Stand or Something More? How to tell

One Night Stand or Something More? How to tell

You’ve met someone and things are sizzling between you, making you feel confident and excited. You go out on a date, and things go really well – but how do you know if they want a fling or something serious? When you’re really into someone but you have no idea whether or not they’re on the same page as you, it’s not fun. Of course, you could just ask someone what their intentions are, but if things are new sometimes the last thing you want to do is rush into a serious conversation like that. So how do you know if you should hope for more? Here are three signs that there might be a future for this relationship.

1. When you were chatting, your date was completely open about their life

Did your date evade questions about their romantic past, their family or their work? If you felt like your date was hiding something, that’s an indication that they don’t take you seriously. On the other hand, if they communicated openly that is a great sign. During your conversation, were they happy to answer and ask questions, did they tell their life story without reticence? If so, it’s likely they are at least considering something more than one evening.

2. Your date was complimentary and made you feel wanted, but that wasn’t the only thing you got out of the interaction

When you meet someone and things go well enough that you jump into bed with them, it definitely boosts your ego, and that’s okay. The best kind of sexual interaction should include compliments and mutual appreciation. But was that all that happened that made you feel good during the date? Did they appreciate anything else about you? Did they enjoy your stories, did you share appreciation for the same music, and did you have a great discussion about wine or a movie you saw recently? If so, this is a good sign. Sexual connection is very important, but it’s the ‘more’ that suggests that you might be good together on a long term basis.

 3. The morning after had you smiling

When you wake up in someone’s bed, their behaviour towards you and how it makes you feel are the best indication of the outcome of the interaction. Did you happily go to brunch? Did you smile a lot at each other and was there a goodbye kiss? Was there a text message before the end of the day? It’s normal for there to be some nervousness, but if there’s a future in this, the morning after shouldn’t be the most awkward experience of your life.

Now What?

If all these signs were there, what are you waiting for? Go set up date two. If they weren’t, that’s too bad, but be honest with yourself – was this date really the most wonderful evening of your life, or is your ego bruised because you were rejected the morning after? It’s likely you’re feeling the latter – try to get over this. You don’t have to waste your time with someone who doesn’t think you are the bee’s knees.

Of course, it is possible that after reading all of this the signs still feel uncertain to you. If this is the case, you’ll have to be confident and let them know you had a great time and you’d like to repeat the experience. Go ask for that second date. Their answer will be all the sign you need.