Two capital Makeovers

Two capital Makeovers

To celebrate its own site makeover this season,  FindSomeone teamed up with Gorgeous Me to offer two lucky FindSomeone members a Makeover package in the capital. With $1000 to spend on clothing, a cut n’ colour, consultation with a professional stylist and flights to the capital up for grabs – it is hardly surprising that we received over 700 entries!

Entrants were asked to provide 500 words describing why they would like to win. There were so many superb stories and deserving winners that it took a long time to narrow it down to the final two. Some wrote of recent hardships and rough breakups, others of their frustration whenever faced with a wardrobe of ill-fitting old clothes. After much deliberation and with the help of our stylist, Lisa Lyford, Charlene from the Waikato and Andrew from Canterbury were chosen for the wonderful personalities that shone through in their written submissions.



‘This would be the BEST PRESENT EVER  beside those awesome handmade gifts my kids made for me’

Charlene, a single mum of two boys, lives in the Waikato where she works full time and owns a mini farm. Her birthday coincided with the dates mentioned in the makeover entry page and she took this as a sign that she ought to throw in an entry for the fun of it. We loved that Charlene was happy with ‘how she dressed when not in gumboots’ but keen for some me time and a bit of a sprucing up – including learning to use makeup for the first time!

We first met Charlene the evening before her makeover for a short interview and a tour around the Trade Me office. Our stylist, Lisa, whisked her away the next day for a morning of shopping on Lambton Quay in central Wellington. Lisa has a superb skill for determining the right clothing styles and colours to suit any body type. The two ladies managed to spend the entirety of the $1000 budget before a salon appointment that afternoon – not a bad effort! After a cut & colour and makeup consultation, it was back to the Trade Me office for some more photos, a few outfit changes and another quick interview.

Slice 6

Gorgeous Me passed on a message from Charlene a couple of weeks later and there were a lot of warm fuzzies in the FindSomeone office – “I had such an amazing time in Wellington with Lisa and the rest of the team. I came down feeling frumpy and old and came home looking and feeling gorgeous, to the point my own sister didn’t recognize my photos on Facebook! I am so glad I had this opportunity. I have taken all your advice on board and am using it everyday, I am even wearing makeup now and I style my hair, well except when out in the paddocks in my gumboots! I feel amazing and confident. I get looks as I enter a room or walk down the street now. I feel younger. I’m loving the new me and so is everyone else.’ Here are Charlene’s gorgeous before and after photos, watch her interview at the link below.

Gorgeous Me makeover - Charlene November '14 (04)

Charlene's Interview


‘My hair is fast approaching my shoulders and my beard is heading that way too.  By time Ive worked enough to pay my bills, cooked dinner, cleaned up and wound down there is barely time left for enough sleep to do it all again tomorrow’

Andrew is from Cantebury where he works full time. As a solo dad with three teens and an eight year old, he wrote of  how he rarely took the time to take care of himself or his appearance. Andrews earnest and touching entry was a clear winner amongst the male entrants!

After arriving in Wellington, Andrew came by the Trade Me office for a quick tour and an interview. The next day it was off to Lambton Quay with Lisa to visit an array of men’s clothing stores to get everything from casual wear to stylish shirts. Finding clothes to fit a male figure is quite a different skill but Lisa was on form and professional as always- “I was initially apprehensive about my makeover, however, Lisa quickly put me at ease and made me about as comfortable as a bloke can get in a clothing store”. Next it was off to the barbers for quite a drastic haircut and beard-taming. Andrew headed back to the office for some photos, a few questions and a farewell before heading back down South.

Gorgeous Me Makeover for FindSomeone - Andrew Nov '14 (14)

It was a pleasure to have Andrew in Wellington and give him a well deserved rest! ‘I really enjoyed the whole experience and feel better about myself and my look than I have in over a decade. Gorgeous me thanks to Gorgeous Me!” Andrew. Watch our short interview with Andrew at the link below.

Gorgeous Me Makeover for FindSomeone - Andrew Nov '14 (01)

Andrew's Interview

Hats off to our stylist, Lisa from Gorgeous Me, who did a superb job of guiding our winners through an epic shopping spree and stylising session. A makeover can require a bit of bravery from its participants but Lisa had a knack for ensuring each winner felt welcome and relaxed. If Charlene and Andrew’s transformations have inspired you, visit the Gorgeous Me site for styling tips and inspiration of your own. You can view their in depth coverage of Andrew and Charlene’s makeover here.

Thank you to our lovely winners and to the team at Gorgeous Me, we are looking forward to seeing our winners snazzy new photos on their FindSomeone profiles!

The team at FindSomeone