First date locations – Auckland

Choosing the right location for a date can be a delicate, and delectable, decision. For those of you living in the Auckland region, whether you are after a light meal or a gnarly piece of steak – there is no shortage of divine dining to be had. Below is a selection of possible date destinations to get you started…

The French Cafe – Fancy, french, need we say more?

Orphans Kitchen – ‘The home of unadulterated food and naughty wine’

Coco’s Cantina and Bar – Cosy, local, authentic Italian/Mediterranean delicuousness

The Sugar Club – 200m high fine dining at the top of the Sky Tower

Baduzzi – Classy, upbeat, indulgent-but-won’t-break-the-bank Italian dining

Good One -For a first date coffee that says – ‘I have taste, but I’m not a fully fledged hipster’

Milse – Think Mendl’s from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Shrouded in secrecy – and sugary goodness.


Happy dining everybody!