DIY BurlesKiwi

DIY BurlesKiwi

Article imageFeather boa? Check. Cheeky g-string? Check. Nipple tassels? Um – maybe you’d prefer to just watch.

Break the ice with your date by heading along to the Great DIY BurlesKiwi competition, which challenges competitors to bring an award-winning burlesque performance to the stage for under a hundred bucks. Expect showgirl poses, glove peeling, chair dancing and enough $2 Shop glitter to smother a mule.

Shout each other to an Espresso Martini and watch guest performances by Miss Cherry Lashes, Honey Suckle and Volumptuous Twinkle. Emceeing all this cut-price fabulousness will be Sadie von Scrumptious.

The Fringe Bar , 26 Allen Street, Wellington

Saturday 20 June, 8pm–10.30pm

Tickets $15–$25 (