5 Best Board Games for Dates

5 Best Board Games for Dates

You’ve done the coffee thing, you’ve done the movie thing, you’ve done the restaurant thing – if you really want to get to know each other, try a board game evening.

Don’t forget the snacks – we recommend hot chocolate and Nigella Lawson’s Union Square Cafe Bar Nuts.

Try these board games for your next indoor date:

  • Pandemic – what could be more romantic than joining forces to save the world from a deadly disease?
  • Race for the Galaxy – a crazily addictive sci-fi card game that involves battling it out to see who can build the best galactic civilisation
  • Camel Up – bet on wooden racing camels. For extra friskiness, the camels are encouraged to win the race by mounting each other
  • Twister – make a move without seeming to make a move
  • Ugg-Tect – build a fabulous 3D structure while communicating only in caveman-like grunts. If you make the mistake of using words, your date is required to whack you over the head with an inflatable club. The perfect game if you’re struggling to come up with conversation-starters
Pandemic - The board game

Pandemic – The board game