Married at First Sight Psychologist John Aiken Joins FindSomeone

Married at First Sight Psychologist John Aiken Joins FindSomeone

John Blog announcement article imageHigh profile psychologist John Aiken, who matches strangers at the altar in hit TV show Married at First Sight, is joining FindSomeone as its dating and relationships expert.

John will give weekly dating advice to Kiwi singles on FindSomeone, and will also contribute a monthly video full of great ideas about how to find love and create happy relationships.

Gold members will get the chance to have their dating and relationships questions answered by John in a monthly Q&A.

John specialises in giving practical advice to singles and couples. Now based in Sydney, he makes regular guest appearances on Australian TV, radio and in magazines, and has written three books.

He also runs exclusive retreats for couples struggling with relationship issues – but now FindSomeone members will get the benefit of his 20 years of experience for free.

So what are John’s secrets to a successful relationship?

“Making your relationship a priority, regular sex, communication and the ability to support each other,” he says.

Addictive Aussie show Married at First Sight has been in huge hit in New Zealand, with John and two other experts matching four couples who met for the first time at the altar.

John describes the matching process as “relationships on steroids”, and says the key factors in putting the couples together were personality traits, communication skills and attachment style.

The four couples face major challenges along the way – from deciding if/ when to have sex, moving in together, meeting the parents, navigating arguments and in some cases – having the break-up talk.

John sees the show as a social experiment that has revealed many lessons about developing healthy relationships.

John’s top tips from Married at First Sight include:

  • When your partner is talking to you, turn to them, look them in the eye and always respond.
  • Time out for 30 minutes is great when you’re feeling overwhelmed, but storming out indefinitely never works. Communicate!
  • Criticism, defensiveness, contempt, shutting down and stonewalling your partner will end in gridlock.
  • If your partner is under stress, listen – don’t fix.  Have their back, and side with them.

John has been married for eight years to well known Kiwi Kelly Swanson-Roe, a former news presenter and radio host. They have two children, Aston and Piper.

Keep checking out this blog to read John’s weekly tips on how to find someone special and create the perfect relationship.