Best dates with kids

Best dates with kids

Planning a date to introduce your kids to your partner? Or meeting your partner’s kids for the first time? Either way, you’ll need a fun activity to break the ice.

In the early stages of a relationship, keep it short and simple. Avoid overnight camping trips, expensive tickets to see a show, or fancy restaurants – you’ll just be putting pressure on everyone.

Try these low-key, low-cost dating activities for couples and kids:

  1. Get into nature. The Department of Conservation has some great ideas for exploring nature with kids, ranging from organising a scavenger hunt to building a weta motel.
  2. Family movies. Movies are an easy, low-pressure way for kids to meet their parent’s new partner. Afterward, get something to eat – pizza, ice cream, or something similarly unlikely to cause friction. Now is not the time to introduce your child or your partner’s child to kale.
  3. Find some animals to hang out with. Visit the zoo, a friend’s farm, or – if you can resist the temptation to acquire a new pet – the local SPCA. Remember the saying: “Men love women. Women love children. Children love hamsters.”
  4. Take it outside. Fly a kite on the beach, watch planes taking off at the airport, or find a lake where you can all feed the ducks. Smaller kids enjoy collecting shells, stones or leaves – in fact, almost anything.
  5. Get active. Laser tag, mini golf and indoor bowling are good ways to take the focus off the new relationship and onto the fun you could all be having together. Just for this one time, let the kid win.

For more advice on dating with kids, see Great Date’s earlier blog post on dating for single parents.