Spring Picnic Recipes

Spring Picnic Recipes

Forget dinner in front of a roaring fire: now it’s spring, pack a backpack with a few treats and take your date for a picnic at your favourite beach, lake or park.

In the era of Downton Abbey, liveried footmen would haul wicker baskets full of intricate delicacies such as potted meat and minced goose sandwiches to an outdoor table set with the best linen, silverware and china. A butler might be on hand to pour guests a refreshing glass of Pimm’s.

These days, a Kiwi picnic might be as simple as grabbing a loaf of sliced white and a jar of peanut butter before heading to the nearest surf beach.

If you want to go to a bit more trouble than that for your date, you’ve chosen the right season – spring is the perfect time for picnics. The heat won’t ruin your food, you’re less likely to be hassled by sandflies and wasps, and you may even have your picnic location all to yourself.

Grab your boardies, sunnies and fleece – because this is New Zealand, after all – and whip up a couple of these delicious dishes for your spring picnic:

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