Keep your profile photo up-to-date

Keep your profile photo up-to-date

Dating apps like Tinder give the impression that a photo is the only thing you need to match with someone – but we prefer to think of photos as just one of many important details on your profile, which can help people get to know you.

Because your main profile photo is one of the first things that other people will see in search results and matches, it is important to make sure that it is a clear, friendly and up-to-date snapshot of you. Uploading blurry, poor quality or super small images can be a big put off when someone is deciding whether or not to click on your profile and learn more about you.

We’ve put together some tips on how to take a great new profile photo and make a strong first impression:

1. Getting the best shot

Keep your whole face and shoulders in the shot, with a bit of background space around you. Remember, your profile photo is about you. You might want to show heaps of different things about your life in your main photo, such as a hobby, a pet, or a new car – but it is usually better to save these for the rest of your profile.

Hold the camera at a slightly high angle, just above eye-level, so that you are looking up towards the camera a little, rather than looking down. Looking down at the camera will give you an ‘up the nose’ shot or a double chin, which is less flattering.

Keep the camera steady to avoid things getting blurry – or get a friend to take it for you.

2. Pose

It might be tempting to use lots of different poses and expressions, but this is easily overdone and may look less appealing than a more natural pose. Just smile naturally and take a bunch of photos until you find one that you feel is the most ‘you’. We see a lot of ‘duckfaces’ on FindSomeone, so instead of adding to the flock – just be yourself!

3. Lighting

Avoid bright, direct sunlight or having a strong light source directly above or behind you. This casts harsh shadows on your face, meaning that many facial features get lost, or emphasised too strongly.

Don’t use a flash.

Soft and even lighting is best. Light from a window can be made softer by closing the curtains. Taking photos outside on a day that is slightly cloudy or overcast will also give great results – and there are plenty of those days in New Zealand!

4. Filters

If you are taking photos on your phone, you can add filters to your pictures using apps like Instagram. Try a mix of filters and pick one that does not overexpose or darken the photo too much.

5. Choosing extra Photos

When adding extra photos to your profile, make sure that you don’t upload anything too personal or that you might feel uncomfortable with sharing.

It’s okay to upload some old favourites, but if you only upload old photos, you risk confusing or surprising someone when you meet in person for the first time. This can really get things off on the wrong foot on a first date!

Remember, not all of the photos on your profile have to be of you. Pick your favourites and try to include a mix of subject matter that shows your interests, hobbies, and give insight into your personality.

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Have fun!

The FindSomeone Team