How to nail the perfect morning-after breakfast

How to nail the perfect morning-after breakfast

You had a great date, and ended up spending the night together. Now you’re faced with the tricky issue of morning-after breakfast etiquette.

In the clear light of day, how much do you like this person? Did he or she snore, hog the duvet, mock your Warriors onesie or kick the cat on the way to the bathroom?

If you decide the whole thing was a terrible mistake, the ideal breakfast is a glass of tap water that you give your date 10 seconds to drink before you point firmly at the front door.

But if it went well, you may want to whip up a fast and delicious breakfast treat as further proof of your general awesomeness.

  1. Creamy coconut porridge. Ella Woodward recommends “increasing the goodness and energy in your body” by serving this coconut porridge with fresh blueberries, raw cacao nibs, juicy raisins or goji berries, bee pollen, raw honey and crushed nuts or seeds. However, plunking in a tin of Wattie’s peaches would probably also be fine.
  2. The amazing date shake. In a hurry to get back to bed? You can whip up Jamie Oliver’s delicious simple four-ingredient milkshake in just five minutes.
  3. Vegetarian hangover cure. Annabel Langbein’s veggie brunch dish includes tangy halloumi, spinach, poached eggs and curry-flavoured fried tomatoes. It’s a great alternative to a greasy fry-up, and will give you heaps of energy for the day ahead.
  4. Quick maple-grilled bananas. Bananas, maple syrup, cinnamon, pecans – what’s not to like about Nadia Lim’s delicious and nutritious brunch dish? It also makes an elegant dessert that looks far more time-consuming to make than it actually is.
  5. Smoothie cubes. A brilliant idea, although it does require some advance planning. Puree some seasonal fruit – strawberries, passionfruit and mango, or whatever else you have in the fruit bowl – and freeze in ice cube containers. Whenever you have someone staying over, simply grab a few cubes and biff them in the blender along with a banana, a small pot of yoghurt, some milk and honey to taste.
  6. Eggs in purgatory. Feeling guilty about what you got up to last night? Then this is the dish for you. The eggs are cooked in a fiery sauce, which you and your date should eat it straight out of the pan – just grate over some Parmesan and dig in with a couple of hunks of crusty bread. Pretty soon you’ll be feeling so good you’ll want to sin all over again.