Not just dinner: make your date more meaningful

Not just dinner: make your date more meaningful

Spiritual date ideasTired of meeting for coffee, or making small talk over dinner and a movie? It might be time to nourish your spiritual and creative side on your next date.

Try these top five ideas for connecting with your date in a more meaningful way.

Take a yoga class together. Yoga classes can be intimate, relaxing and energising. Take it easy, though – if one of you isn’t experienced, opt for a beginners’ class rather than immediately attempting headstands and handstands. If you both already practice yoga regularly, take it outside – find a beautiful beach where you can do a sun salutation together at dawn. And if yoga isn’t your thing, consider pilates or tai chi.

Learn to massage. Never mind flowers: how much more do you think you’d be appreciated if you could give your date a fabulous shoulder massage? And being able to massage each other is even better. There are loads of short how-to massage videos on YouTube, or try a massage app like Soothe or Zeel. Just remember a few simple rules: warm your hands first, go easy on the oil (you’re massaging a person, not a salad) and no tickling.

Perform an act of charity. Volunteer at a food bank, the SPCA or another community organisation that aligns with your values. You and your date will get to know each other better, you’ll have a shared sense of purpose, and you’ll have lots to talk about afterwards. Plus, you’ll have saved the money you might otherwise have spent going out to dinner.

Meditate together. Research suggests meditation may help to increase focus, improve memory and reduce stress. You don’t have to go it alone – many experienced mediators prefer meditating in a group. If you and your date have never meditated before, find an organised mindfulness meditation class, go along to an open session at your local Buddhist centre or try an app like Headspace or Smiling Mind.

Teach each other a skill. Can you cook the perfect huevos rancheros, shuffle a deck of cards, touch type or build a lightsaber? Sharing a skill with a date can be fast-track getting to know each other, and you might be surprised to discover how many talents you have to share. If you’re not naturally a patient person, though, probably best to go out for coffee instead.